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At Wolfe Law Group, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, we offer our clients the skilled defense representation they need to fight OVI charges.

Almost anyone can find himself or herself facing OVI charges for drunk driving. An extra bottle of beer or glass of wine before getting behind the wheel can easily push a person over the legal limit. Most people simply want these charges to go away quickly with as little disturbance to their lives as possible. For many, this is the reason for making the mistake of taking whatever the prosecution is willing to give them and trying to move on.

The reality is that OVI charges can be successfully defended against and it is the smart thing to do.

Most people fail to realize the full scope of consequences that they face when they are charged with OVI. The reality is that the long-term costs of an OVI conviction can vastly outweigh the costs of defending against these charges. Apart from increased insurance rates and lost driving privileges, a person convicted of OVI faces the possibility of much more extreme penalties should he or she get charged with OVI again within a set number of years. Those penalties can include mandatory jail terms and extensive driver's license suspension periods.

We offer our skilled defense to those facing first-time OVI charges, underage OVI charges and those who have had prior OVI convictions.

Skilled OVI Defense Attorney Fighting For Your Driving Privileges

Our attorneys have extensive trial experience that allows them to examine all of the possible means of securing the outcome you need. From investigating the legality of the original police stop to questioning the accuracy of the Breathalyzer that you tested on and looking into the training of the officer who performed field sobriety tests, we will take all potentially effective strategies under consideration as we build the vigorous and effective case you deserve.

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