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Campus crimes: Fighting against claims of drunk driving

Drunk driving is a dangerous act, and many people do it despite knowing this. While on campus, you may drink more than usual and get behind the wheel, but does that mean you deserve a drunk driving charge or to be convicted? Even if you are above the limit, there are still laws that the police must follow before being able to charge you and laws that protect you against conviction if those are not followed.

4 things to know about underage drinking at Ohio State University

College is a time for studying, participating in protests, and attending the occasional party or festival. Being underage and resisting the temptation to drink with your friends at the weekend keg party can be very difficult.

Before taking your next sip of beer or trying to buy wine for ladies' night with your fake ID, there are a few things you should know about underage drinking laws in Ohio and how getting caught can affect your college career.

Think a misdemeanor for marijuana is no big deal? You're wrong

With the passing of the recent medical marijuana law, many people will believe that getting caught with marijuana will be no big deal. Yet without proper documentation from a doctor, marijuana posession can lead to a misdemeanor. Although some people feel like they got out with a slap on the wrist, misdemeanor repercussions can last a lifetime.

Even though medical marijuana has been passed in Ohio, residents can get charged with a misdemeanor for having the following without a written statement from a physician:

  • Small amounts of marijuana: 200 grams or less
  • Small amounts of marijuana oil or hash: 5 grams or less of solid hash or 2 grams of liquid
  • Drug paraphernalia: including anything intended to be used to ingest marijuana

College applicants with criminal records given a better shot with new initiative

Young people with criminal records have a tough road ahead of them when it comes to applying for college and graduate school. Most colleges run background checks, scanning for past offenses. Past convictions can cause an application to be ignored, school housing denied, and financial aid taken away. Fortunately over sixty colleges have signed a new pledge announced by the Obama administration to give applicants with a criminal record a better chance at acceptance.

The Fair Chance for Higher Education pledge asks colleges to commit to creating new admissions practices that do not eliminate applicants early in the decision making process due to their record. The initiative will create new opportunities for internships and job training.

Sealing a criminal record: When is possible?

In a competitive job market, having a criminal record can really be a road block. After all, this is the era of the online background check.

A record can not only keep you from being offered a job you were pursuing, even if you were otherwise the most qualified candidate. It can also result in losing out on an apartment you hoped to rent or keep you from getting approved for a home loan.

Is it possible to expunge or seal your record so that it doesn't keep holding you back? In this post, we will use a Q & A format to discuss that.

Comfest 2016

Comfest 2016 is here!

Comfest is always a great time to gather with friends in Goodale Park, but it is not such a great time for driving. There are a number of street closures in the short north area, as well as parking restrictions. In hopes of avoiding confusion and costly towing fees, here are some of the restrictions:

We consider it part of the service we owe to our clients to not just help them secure the best possible resolution to their difficulties, but also help educate them about the process they will go through, how their choices will impact their cases, and to help them find peace of mind. A confident, educated client can make sound choices that will benefit that person in the long run.

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