Firearm rights restoration in Ohio: an FAQ

If you lost your gun rights after a criminal conviction, it is only natural to want to get them back after your sentence is discharged.

Each state has a different process for going about this. In this post, we will address some common questions that apply in Ohio.

Which convictions result in a loss of gun privileges?

It's important to realize that it isn't every criminal conviction that results in a loss of the right to own or carry a gun. Indeed, in Ohio it isn't even every felony conviction that triggers the loss.

Here in the Buckeye state, the loss of gun rights occurs for violent felonies and for felony drug offenses.

What if you just want to hunt?

If you have lost your gun privileges, you would not be able to hunt legally.

How do you get your gun rights back?

The restoration of gun rights is generally possible by following the legal process. It involves applying to the court of common pleas in the county where you live.

It is necessary to show that you have discharged your sentence and are living a law-abiding life. And there cannot be any other legal prohibition, such as occurs in domestic violence cases due to federal law.

Are there any specific laws regarding domestic violence and gun rights?

Yes. In the case of domestic violence, federal law prohibits convicted people who have been convicted of those offenses from having guns. There are also federal restrictions on gun possession for those who are the subject of a protective order.

Ohio legislators are considering a proposal to add similar restrictions regarding domestic violence to Ohio law.

How can a lawyer help?

A lawyer can help you show the court that you deserve to get your gun rights back. You can never be sure what types of issues may come up when seeking to regain those rights. For example, if you live out of state, you may not be eligible.

It is therefore important to get sound legal counsel to guide you through the process of seeking to regain your firearms privileges.

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