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Stephen Wolfe July 21, 2021

Americans have zero tolerance for sex-related crimes. In 2015 alone, sexual assault cases in Ohio were reported at a rate of 86.9 for every 1,000 people. Being convicted of sexual misconduct is likely to damage your reputation and change your life forever.

Whether you or your loved has been accused of a sex crime, it is imperative that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Below are the crucial considerations when choosing the right lawyer to handle your sex crime charges.

Experience is Vital

Experience breeds confidence. The sex crime law firm you choose must be familiar with the type of criminal charges you are facing. Ask the firm about the number of cases similar to yours they have handled in the recent past.

How many years has the law firm been in operation? What success do they have to show for the years they have been in operation? Sex crime attorneys with no proven track record may not be able to properly protect your rights amidst the charges you are facing.

Experienced sex crime attorneys are aware of the most effective defenses that apply to your sex offense and the best ways to defend you.


Communication is a vital aspect of legal representation. Your first interaction with a firm will determine the rest of the process. How difficult was it to get in contact with a lawyer? Were all your questions answered via phone?

When you are accused of a sex crime, the last thing you want to see is a communication breakdown between you and your criminal defense lawyer. From the first day, your questions should receive immediate responses and the attorney you choose should provide regular updates on the progress.

Any reputable law firm is familiar with the feelings of their clients. Red flags noted in the early stages are a sign of disappointments lying ahead. Being accused of a sex crime is stressful by itself; poor communication makes worsens the situation and the potential outcome.

The sex crime attorney you choose should provide a clear guideline of when they can return calls and how frequently you can expect for them to be in touch with you. This approach will prevent communication breakdown.

There are specific confidential and complicated issues that can only be communicated via certain channels. Firms without a properly established communication framework are a no-go zone. It is also advisable to stay away from firms with unrealistic guarantees.

Go For Referrals

Although you should be careful about who you trust, you may want to open up to close friends and family members before settling on any law firm. If anything, they may have found themselves in such circumstances and can recommend a solution. Friends and family members will give you reasonable recommendations. Take time to analyze these recommendations before making the next move.

Additionally, look for real-time customer reviews and check what other clients say about a particular criminal defense lawyer. Scrutinize all the available reviews to determine how genuine they are. Additionally, take note of written testimonials displayed by various law firms. Read through all the customer testimonials before making the final decision.

Rating and Reputation

Apart from experience and communication, a reliable law firm must have a good rating. These ratings are obtained from standard rating systems for lawyers. The rating is based on a lawyer’s profile, years of experience, and achievements, among other factors. The rating is also done on a scale of 1.0 to 10, with the latter representing the most qualified and highly recommended.

When you are charged with a sex crime, nothing should be left to chance. Judgments are made according to the evidence provided, and this is only possible with reputable and well-ranked lawyers.

Final Word

Being accused of a sex crime can easily ruin your reputation. However, hiring an experienced and credible sex crimes defense attorney can save the day. If you are looking for a reputable sex crimes attorney, contact us today.