A drug conviction has the power to turn anyone's life upside down, whether they're professionals, parents, students, or individuals with no prior criminal history. These allegations are serious, and it's important to respond to them with a strong defense strategy. 

At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, their firm offers comprehensive defense services against a wide variety of drug crimes. They have extensive experience in representing clients in central Ohio and have helped numerous individuals protect their rights when confronted with drug-related charges, including: 

  • Drug trafficking: The illegal trade involving the production, distribution, and sale of substances that are subject to drug prohibition laws. 

  • Drug manufacturing: The process of producing illegal drugs, which includes the cultivation of plants, synthesis of chemicals, and preparation of substances. 

  • Possession with intent to distribute: Holding controlled substances with the plan or purpose of selling or distributing them to others. 

  • Drug conspiracy: An agreement between two or more individuals to commit drug trafficking or other drug-related offenses. 

  • Prescription drug fraud: The illegal acquisition or distribution of prescription medications through deceitful means, such as forgery, theft, or false information. 

  • Drug paraphernalia charges: Legal accusations related to the possession, sale, or distribution of tools and equipment used for producing, consuming, or concealing illegal drugs. 

Contact Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC for skilled criminal defense representation. Your first consultation is completely free. The firm serves clients throughout Dublin, Westerville, Gahanna, Hilliard, Powell, Delaware, Licking County, Newark, Heath, Granville, Fairfield County, Lancaster, Pickerington, Lewis Center, and Delaware County. 

What Are the Consequences of a Drug Crime Conviction?

Drug crime convictions carry severe penalties, including substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences, depending on the type and quantity of the controlled substance involved. Under Ohio law, the penalties for drug offenses are stringent and take into account factors such as the offender's prior criminal history. 

A conviction can have lasting effects beyond immediate legal penalties, such as loss of employment, damage to reputation, and limitations on future opportunities.  

For some offenses, there is also the possibility of enhanced sentencing for repeat offenders or those found near schools or minors. Facing and overcoming these challenges requires experienced legal counsel familiar with the nuances of Ohio's drug laws and experienced in a variety of drug crime cases. 

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What Is a Motion to Dismiss?

This legal procedure aims to have the court dismiss the charges entirely if there are substantial legal grounds to do so. These grounds include lack of evidence, procedural errors by law enforcement, and violation of constitutional rights. 

For instance, if evidence of drug possession was obtained through an illegal search and seizure, any resulting charges might be dismissed. Expert attorneys thoroughly review each case's details to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution's case and diligently work to protect their client's constitutional rights. 

Eligibility for Intervention in Lieu of Conviction 

Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (ILC) is a one-year drug program that offers another possibility for avoiding a criminal conviction if drug or mental health issues significantly contributed to the alleged crime. Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2951.041, eligibility for ILC involves meeting specific criteria, such as: 

  1. No previous convictions for violent felonies. 

  1. Current charges that do not include high-degree felonies or violent offenses. 

  1. Charges do not involve drug trafficking. 

  1. An assessment by a certified counselor or psychologist indicating eligibility. 

  1. Drug or alcohol dependency, or mental illness, contributed to the offense. 

  1. No physical harm caused to victims. 

  1. Willingness to comply with court-imposed terms. 

  1. The victim does not fall within certain age ranges requiring special protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am arrested for a drug crime? 

If you are arrested for a drug crime, it's essential to remain calm and avoid making any statements to law enforcement officers until you have consulted with an attorney. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, which you should exercise immediately.  

Contact Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected from the outset. 

Can a drug conviction be expunged from my record? 

In Ohio, expungement may be possible under certain circumstances, but it varies based on the specifics of your case, including the type of conviction and your complete criminal record.  

Generally, drug convictions for minor misdemeanors or certain felonies can be sealed, but eligibility is subject to strict legal requirements. Consult with our legal team to determine your eligibility for record expungement. 

How does drug court differ from traditional criminal court? 

Drug courts offer an alternative to traditional criminal prosecution for certain offenders with substance use disorders. Participants undergo mandatory treatment and regular court appearances. Successful completion of the program can result in reduced charges or even dismissal, while failure to comply can lead to traditional sentencing.

These courts aim to address the root causes of drug-related offenses through rehabilitation rather than incarceration. 

What are the federal penalties for drug crimes, and how do they differ from state penalties? 

Being charged at the federal level can involve harsher sentences, larger fines, and longer parole terms compared to state-level charges. Factors determining federal jurisdiction include the scale of the offense and whether it crosses state or international borders.  

How can illegal search and seizure impact my drug case? 

If law enforcement officers conducted a search of your person, vehicle, or property without a valid warrant or probable cause, any evidence obtained may be deemed inadmissible in court. This could lead to a dismissal of charges. An experienced attorney can review the details of your arrest and file motions to suppress evidence if your constitutional rights were violated. 

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio 

Clients deserve personalized service and accessibility, which is why the attorneys at Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, provide direct contact numbers so that clients can reach an attorney whenever needed. For more information and to schedule a free, confidential consultation, please contact the firm. 

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