A Probation Violation Doesn't Have To Send You Back To Jail

Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC in Columbus, Ohio, are ready to help you avoid the legal problems that can result from violating terms of your probation.

If you were placed on probation or community control, the Judge has suspended a jail or prison sentence. If the court finds that you have violated probation, though, the Judge can impose the entire term in jail or prison. Your continued freedom depends upon mounting a successful argument for continuing the terms of your probation.

If You Think Or Know You Violated Your Probation

Many people violate a condition of probation because they do not understand the limitations of their freedom, get caught in an unforeseen circumstance or see no other choice when confronted with a decision about what is best for their family. This is often the case when the specific terms of probation conflicts with meeting family obligations. If you think or know you may have violated a condition of your probation, don't wait for the police to catch up to you. Your freedom depends on making sure the court understands your circumstances.

If you reside in central Ohio have been notified that you face arrest for a probation violation, you need serious legal help as urgently as possible. The criminal defense lawyers of Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC in Columbus, are ready to help. Our attorneys have years of experience protecting the rights of individuals in all areas of criminal law and aggressive legal representation following a conviction. We offer a free consultation to review your circumstances and explain your best options for retaining the conditions of your probation.

Let Us Help You Do The Right Thing To Keep Out Of Jail. Call Us Now.

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