Getting Your License Back After An OVI

After a police stop and a charge of OVI, many people just want to move on. You may want to plead guilty and get on with your life, but it is important to realize the implications for your criminal record and driving privileges before taking any action. Do not speak to law enforcement officials or prosecutors until you have discussed your case with a defense attorney who has assisted people in similar situations.

After an arrest for OVI, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles imposes an administrative license suspension — whether you are guilty or not. For most people, driving is essential to get to work, school and appointments. At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, we know how to defend you against OVI charges while protecting your driving privileges.

Can I Get A Hardship License?

If you are convicted of OVI, the court is required to impose a longer license restriction. While the best way to maintain your driving privileges is to avoid conviction altogether, there are options that allow you to drive even if you are found guilty. Ohio law allows the court to grant limited driving privileges after a conviction or while the case is pending.

We are experienced in securing favorable results for our OVI clients — both in criminal proceedings and administrative license suspensions. Let us help if you are concerned about your driver's license after an OVI arrest.

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Helping You Get Back To Your Life

We offer a free initial consultation at our Columbus office or any central Ohio jail where you are being held. To speak with a knowledgeable OVI defense lawyer, please contact uS.

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