Stephen Wolfe

Stephen knew he wanted to become an attorney from the time he watched them on TV as a child. In college, he went on to study the legal system in both the U.S. and England. Discover what draws him to criminal defense and learn how one of his early cases led him down the path he is on today.

Katherine Wolfe

Katherine works with clients facing some of the most challenging situations of their lives. She finds great meaning in being there for others when they have no one else to turn to. Like Stephen, her interest in the law was sparked at an early age, and she first began studying criminology as an undergraduate student at Ohio State University.

Jennifer Warmolts

Prior to joining Wolfe Law Group, Jennifer gained experience at a local law firm practicing in both family law and criminal defense. During this time, she learned firsthand the challenges for clients in navigating the legal system and the emotional toll the legal process can have on those involved. She has represented clients from all walks of life on a wide variety of legal issues.

Haleigh Phillips

Paralegal/Office Manager
Haleigh is the face of our practice. If you've ever called our office or stopped by the firm, you've likely witnessed her bright and friendly personality firsthand. Haleigh holds a Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies from the University of Cincinnati.