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Stephen Wolfe April 21, 2020

You must take sex crime charges seriously, even if you know you are innocent. No one should try to face charges of sex crimes on their own without a sex crimes defense attorney.

Whether you are guilty or innocent of the sex crimes, you will still need to go through the process. A federal sex crimes attorney Columbus defendants trust is the best support you can have in these matters.

How The Charges Play Out

Whether you are being falsely accused or not, you will go through the same process. The police will come to your home or your job, serve the warrant for your arrest, and likely arrest you on the spot. You may be placed in handcuffs and brought to jail.

There will be a hearing to determine what your bond will be. This is a public action that is searchable by friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others. Long before you ever get in front of a jury, people are making decisions about your character.

A court date will be set at which time you will be asked if you plan on hiring an attorney or if you need one provided for you. Hire an attorney. If you ask for a court-appointed attorney you may not get a sex crimes defense attorney that can best represent you.

This is not a situation that you want to take a chance with. Get a sex crimes attorney who is experienced to help you get the best possible outcome in this matter.

The Consequences Can Be Tremendous in These Matters

If you have been charged with a sex crime, there is a wide range of consequences that you could be facing if you are found guilty. There is, of course, always the chance that jail time will be part of the punishment, but that is not all.

Conviction of a sex crime can mean:

  • Having to register on the sex offender registry and ensure that the police know exactly where you live for many years to come.

  • It can mean being barred from housing options, job options, and more.

  • Strained personal relationships, loss of friends, changes in your family dynamics, and more.

There are both legal repercussions and personal repercussions that can affect you for years to come. A well-heeled sex crimes attorney can help to improve the outcome of your case. Hire an attorney who will help to protect your rights.