Stephen Wolfe June 24, 2016

Comfest 2016 is here!

Comfest is always a great time to gather with friends in Goodale Park, but it is not such a great time for driving. There are a number of street closures in the short north area, as well as parking restrictions. In hopes of avoiding confusion and costly towing fees, here are some of the restrictions:

The following streets are closed:

  • West Goodale Street between North High Street and Dennison Avenue

  • West Poplar Avenue between N. High St. and Park St.

  • Millay Alley between N. High St. and Park St.

  • West Russell Street between N. High St. and Park St. (open for parking garage access)

  • Collins Ave. between Dennison Ave. and Hunter Ave.

  • Poplar Avenue between Dennison Ave. and Hunter Ave.

  • Hunter Ave. between W. Goodale St. and Buttles Ave.

  • Highland St. between Buttles Ave. and Collins Ave.

  • North Wall Street between W. Russell St. and Millay Alley

  • Dennison Avenue between Buttles Ave. and W. Goodale St.

  • Park Street between Buttles Avenue and West Swan Street.

Long story short: don't plan on driving within a mile of Goodale park.

Additionally, tow trucks will be out in full force, so make sure to heed any of the parking restrictions posted on signs, and definitely do not park in a private lot (e.g. Giant Eagle at Buttles and Neil).

Your best bet is to park and walk (isn't that what Comfest is all about??), but there are some good alternative transportation means.

  • A bicycle corral at Buttles and Dennison

  • A special Car2go drop zone at Park and Swan

  • The usual COTA routes - #2 N. High, #3 Northwest Blvd., #4 Indianola/Parsons, #5 West 5th Ave., #7 Neil/Whittier, #8 Hamilton/Frebis, #18 Kenny, #21 Night Owl in the evenings and the CBUS all have stops near Goodale Park

  • Uber and Lyft

Pretty much anything goes at Comfest, but it is still easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. With the alcohol flowing, watch out for open container violations, disorderly conduct, assault, traffic offenses, and OVIs. Also, just because Governor Kasich signed a medical marijuana bill into law does not mean that you can wander around Goodale Park smoking. You can and will still be cited for drug possession.

Everyone have a safe and happy Comfest 2016!