Does your credit report contain inaccurate information?

Bad credit can cause great harm to you in almost every aspect of your life. This harm can include denial of housing, financing, or even employment. Worst of all, a bad credit score might not even be your fault - it could be the result of inaccurate credit reporting.

Account information is frequently reported inaccurately on consumer credit reports. Some of the most common errors on your credit report come from incorrect information caused by confused names or addresses, identity theft, an ex-spouse, outdated information, incorrect payment status, multiple delinquent dates on a single account, wrong notations for closed accounts, or incorrect reporting of formerly delinquent accounts that have been remedied.

So what should you do to avoid inaccurate reporting? Make sure you know what is on your credit report. You can check it for free every 12 months by visiting this site. If your accounts are not reporting accurately, call Wolfe Law Group and we will help guide you through the dispute process.

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