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Stephen Wolfe Sept. 7, 2021

According to statistics by the Drug Policy Alliance, nearly 20,000 Ohioans are arrested for marijuana possession each year. When you get arrested for drug possession and trafficking in Ohio, find an attorney with enough experience and background in drug charges and cases. Good representation is vital for criminal and drug possession offenses, as a minor slip-up could get you some jail time.

A strong defense for those arrested for possession, intent to sell, or trafficking might help your drug charges. However, choosing the right attorney could prove difficult, especially if time is not on your side. Follow the steps below immediately to quickly find an attorney.

1. Go for Local Lawyers

If you live in or have your hearing in Colombus, your drug possession lawyer should be within Ohio. A local attorney is familiar with the justice system, has connections and networks in the area, and has all the resources for a fair trial. Your lawyer might be experienced and competent, but it may cost your case if they are unfamiliar with local laws and criteria.

2. Experience in Drug Possession

Laws on possession and trafficking are strict in the U.S.; with a drug possession record, you can miss out on student loans, have a hard time finding employment, and jeopardize child custody. A felony conviction could do more damage.

For these reasons, experience in drug charges is a must for your attorney. Since they have knowledge and background in such cases, they will know the best approach to take with your drug charges. An inexperienced lawyer might not have the skills to make the right decision when put under pressure.

3. Verify Your Defense Attorney

In some law firms, you might schedule a consultation with a top-shot, only for an amateur to handle your defense. If you want a specific attorney in the law firm, ensure they are not replaced before the legal proceedings commence. When you go to drug court, it may be too late to get another attorney.

It is also important to read the contract thoroughly before signing it. The stakes are too high for drug charges that are considered felonies. Therefore, ascertain that the lawyer you consult with is the one that represents you.

4. Commitment from Your Lawyer

For a drug possession offense, deal with a committed advocate who is interested in representing you fairly. The most important thing for a defense attorney is to win your case and expose weaknesses in the prosecution's case. So, if your drug possession lawyer does not pay attention to details or focus on details, chances are they might lose. The penalties for drug trafficking and possession are hard-hitting; therefore, you need the assistance of an attorney who understands this.

5. Focus on the Facts

Find an attorney that can maintain a strong defense based on the facts and current law. When your lawyer utilizes the right resources to help your drug possession case, the trial will be fair, and your drug charges may even be reduced or annulled.

Your attorney should also have connections with private labs that will test and re-test the alleged drugs. Such resources can boost your defense, an advantage that you will appreciate given the laws on illegal drug possession.

Whenever you are arrested for drug possession in Ohio, remember that the first tremendous step is hiring legal services. A felony conviction can easily affect your whole life, so never underestimate the power of a strong defense. Your drug offense attorney should be experienced, reliable, and attentive to your case. Call Wolfe & Mote Law Group today and find an attorney for your drug charges, criminal defense, and sex crimes!