Lady of Justice and Gavel and Book


Stephen Wolfe Jan. 21, 2019

Lady of Justice and Gavel and BookThere are a lot of things to remember and a lot of things to look for when you need a criminal defense attorney. Here are five situations that might require you to retain a criminal defense attorney, and tips to remember as you go about finding the attorney that is right for you.Drug ChargesDrug law violations in the United States accounted for approximately 1,572,579 arrests in 2016, according to the FBI. If you or someone you know are charged with drug possession, you need a good drug offense attorney. Make sure that you check out the lawyer you are considering. Check their professional background. Do they have experience with drug cases? Carefully examine their credentials. Be sure to look for an experienced attorney who is licensed and in good standing.Alcohol ChargesIf you or someone you know are facing alcohol-related charges, you need a good criminal defense attorney. Make sure that you check out the cost and the pricing of the attorney you are considering. What are the attorney fees for the charges you are facing in relation to your specific case? Also, you need to be sure of the terms of the rate you will be expected to pay. Ask if it is a one-time fee, for instance, or if you will be charged by the hour.Fraud and Financial ChargesFacing fraud and finance charges? If this is your situation, make sure you talk to everyone. Ask around everywhere and be sure you can trust who you’re talking to. Find an attorney or a law firm with experience in this area. Make sure you feel that you will be able to trust this lawyer with your particular needs. Most of all, beware of promises or guarantees. Look for an experienced, solid lawyer and criminal defense attorney who discusses the real facts of the case with you and offers real answers to you. This is what you deserve. This is what the lawyer is trained to do.Public Safety ChargesSome examples of public safety charges include disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, disruption of a funeral or religious service, and so on. If you are facing any of these charges, you could face a hefty fine and possibly even jail time. You need to reach out and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with cases where individuals face public safety charges and find out their success rate. Sex ChargesSex crimes, especially sexual assault cases, are on the rise in the United States. If you or someone you know are facing criminal charges relating to a sex crime or crimes, it can follow you for the rest of your life. You need to contact an attorney or a great law firm with experience in this area. A criminal defense attorney can prepare a case for you based on their experience. Although, you must always keep in mind that there are no guarantees in terms of the results of your case. Make sure to keep your expectations realistic.Finally, in terms of criminal defense, the legal process can be quite complicated. However, a good attorney will be able to manage it for you. An experienced attorney with a reputable law firm will try to get the best, most realistic results possible for you, given the particulars of your case. They will be there working with you as you move forward through the judicial system and get your life back to normal.