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Stephen Wolfe June 7, 2021

Most people who are victims of sexual assault often find themselves unsure of what they must do next. This is normal. After being sexually assaulted, you will likely feel emotionally drained. Apart from that, you may even be physically hurt. One of the most important things after such an incident is to make sure that you report as soon as possible. In this article, we look at how you can file a sexual assault report in college.

If you are in immediate danger and get a chance to make a phone call during or before the assault, call 911. If not, once you are safe and secure, you must proceed to file a report.

Find Safety

It is important to ensure that you are safe after being sexually assaulted. If you are scared of what the person who assaulted you might do to you, reach out to someone close to you and inform them you need a place where you can be safe. This can be your lecturer or close friend. When considering your safety, you must think of safety both short term and in the long term.

Don't Blame Yourself

Many people who are sexually assaulted in college end up feeling like what happened is their fault. However, this is not true. If you are sexually assaulted, always remember that someone did something to you that you did not consent to; therefore, there is no way it's your fault. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted. Feeling like it's your fault can even hinder you from reporting the case to the authorities.

Find Non-Judgemental Support

If you approach a lecturer or staff member and they try to pin the blame on whatever happened to you, pull away from them as soon as you can. You must make sure that you find someone who will support you instead of judging you. Always report the issue to someone ready to support you and help get the assistance you need. This includes going to the clinic or even finding a lawyer.

It's not uncommon to fail to find support at a college compass. About 67% of accused college sexual assault perpetrators claim that their colleges never followed up on their disciplinary procedures regarding the incidences. Most of the perpetrators find criminal defense attorneys who help them in court and never face any backlash from the colleges.

Connect With Care

If you don't know where to report, you can get in touch with the National Sexual Assault Hotline. They can assist you in getting the help you need. Reporting the crime to law enforcement can be a difficult decision. The perpetrator will often find a criminal defense lawyer who will grill you and try to discredit your accusation. However, you must not let the criminal defense lawyer intimidate you; if you have been assaulted, find all the support you can get and ensure that you get justice.