drug possession charges


Stephen Wolfe Jan. 15, 2020

It's always wise to get a lawyer when you have even a minor charge against you because understanding the implications of your charge and knowing how to navigate through your case with legal assistance is beneficial. It's even more beneficial and even necessary to have a lawyer for even more serious charges, for a variety of reasons. Here are some serious charges you should hire a lawyer for, rather than deal with an appointed public defender.

Drug Possession Charges

Whether it's a minor drug that is not scheduled as a felony in your state or a more major and serious drug, those charged with drug offenses often get serious consequences, major probation time, and have other things they have to worry about as a result of a single drug charge. You want a lawyer who will work hard for you to help you keep as clean a slate as possible, even if your charge is just for cannabis, which over 20,000 people in Ohio alone are charged for every year.

Sex Crimes

Any type of sex crime can create a serious dilemma for you, particularly if the charge involves a minor or any type of sexual assault. You can be kept from getting a job, have protection orders placed against you, and have to register as a sex offender for a very long time, not to mention not be able to have any types of weapons in your home if you are convicted of felony charges. Like drug possession charges, a sex crime is a serious offense you need legal assistance for.

Prescription Medication Abuse

If you think that prescription medications are not a crime, then you should guess again. If you are caught with a prescription medication that is not yours or you have drugs on you that are legal but not legally prescribed to you, you can face serious drug possession charges as if you had taken more serious and illegal drugs. Your lawyer will assist you in your case to help you get the legal assistance you need to help you get through your case and lessen the repercussions of some charges you have.

Whether this is your first offense or a line of many, or if you have a history of drug abuse or sex crimes, you need a lawyer. The right lawyer will work hard for you to help you make your case go more smoothly.