prescription medications


Stephen Wolfe Dec. 17, 2019

Do you know what a drug crime truly is other than just possessing an illegal drug involved with street or illicit drugs like crack, methamphetamines or heroin? Most people understand that those are illegal drugs and there are consequences to obtaining, selling, possessing or using them. However, there are other areas of drug crimes that involve prescription medications including prescribed drugs like Xanax, OxyContin, and Vicodin. This is especially true if you are in possession of prescription medications that are not yours.

Can You Be Charged with a Drug Offense with Prescription Medications?

In the year 2017, 63.5 prescriptions for opioids were written per every 100 people in the state of Ohio compared to the United States’ overall rate of 58.7 prescriptions for opioids on average. There are valid prescriptions written, however that does not mean you have a valid defense if you have been arrested for possession. There are many circumstances that need to be addressed when it comes to being arrested for the possession of prescription medications. Every case relies on the facts involved as well as the conditions. You need an experienced drug possession lawyer to assist you with your particular defense.

Only an Experienced Lawyer Can Provide You with Answers to Your Questions

It can be difficult to understand what you are facing when drugs are involved in your case, even if those drugs are prescription medications. If you were detained for having a small amount of medication that was prescribed to you, and you currently have a valid, recent prescription for the medication, a drug offense attorney will more than likely be able to get those charges dropped. A valid prescription makes for a solid defense at drug court. Chances are, if you have prescription medications, you will more than likely not be arrested to begin with.

Have You Transferred, Given or Sold Prescription Drugs?

Sometimes people make bad decisions. If you sold, gave, or transferred your prescription, your case is going to be more complex. Just because you had a prescription does not make it legal for you to share it or sell it. Perhaps you have had a family member in pain and you gave them one of your pills, you were actually breaking the law, so having a prescription is not a defense in that case.

Another situation involves having a large quantity of drugs. Even if you have a valid prescription, the state could allege that you illegally purchased more pills. The facts revolving around this type of case involve checking to see how often your prescriptions were filled or refilled, and whether the state has additional proof showing you actually purchased those drugs illegally.

There are endless scenarios that revolve around prescriptions that could result in you being arrested. When this has happened to you, you need to get in touch with a law firm that can provide you with effective legal counsel. Only a knowledgeable attorney can help you avoid a conviction.

Anyone Can Be Charged with a Drug Crime

It does not matter who you are, anyone can allegedly be charged with a drug crime. If you have ever had an opioid prescription, and even if you never have touched opioids, drugs can affect your life regardless of the tangible circumstances. What is important is that you fight for your rights against drug accusations. Find a lawyer for drug possession in Columbus who will aggressively defend you so you have the chance to get better results for your case.

Is Drug Court in Your Future?

In Central Ohio counties there is a specialized court that focuses solely on drug cases. It is called drug court. The system works to help people get help rather than relying on the threat of jail time. The idea is tom keep people from committing crimes by facing their problems with addiction. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer to find out how they can put together an influential case for you that could be heard in drug court.