Criminal Record Sealing In Columbus

At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, our attorneys understand the costs that a criminal record can exact from someone trying to build a life and a career.

As state and local governments work to modernize their record-keeping systems, more and more public records are placed online. This allows a growing number of companies to require background checks as part of the hiring process - sometimes even for entry-level positions.

For those with a criminal record, this can create tremendous difficulty. Jobs that you may be more than qualified for may now be out of reach due to your criminal record. How do you make a mistake from your past stop getting in the way of your future?

Under certain conditions, criminal records can be sealed. This will prevent most parties from being able to view your records, including private employers.

Many people have a moment where a lapse of judgment as a young person put them before the court. Sometimes people pled guilty to charges they should not have without realizing how that choice would affect their future.

Helping People Move Forward

When one employer after another rejects you, you need to look for the reasons why. A criminal record may be holding you back. We understand the requirements for having records sealed and how to help our clients negotiate that process. Let us help you secure the clean slate that can help you move on with your life.

Record Sealing In Columbus, Ohio

We can help you put your past behind you. Let our attorneys help you seal your criminal records. Turn to Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC. Schedule a free initial consultation.

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