Don't Let Underage Drinking Ruin Your Future

For many college students, having a beer at a party is part of the college experience. Even students with strong academic standing may find themselves accused of underage drinking, also called Minor in Possession, or of providing alcohol to someone who is underage.

At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, we guide students and their parents through criminal proceedings involving alcohol and a range of other offenses. With offices conveniently located near The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, we have helped many students fight criminal allegations and safeguard their futures.

Will I Be Expelled If I Am Caught With Alcohol?

When a student faces criminal charges, the legal consequences are often just the beginning. In addition to fines, prison time and other penalties ordered by the court, there may be ramifications for his or her future. A criminal record can compromise a student's standing at school, financial aid and career prospects. In addition, the school may choose to suspend or expel the student.

At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC our attorneys have years of experience helping students in both criminal and administrative proceedings involving underage drinking and alcohol possession. While we aggressively advocate on your behalf in any criminal case stemming from the allegations, we will also protect your interests through any disciplinary action at school.

Protecting Students At School And At Court

The best way to minimize the effects of underage drinking allegations is to retain an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC we offer a free consultation and 24/7 service so students and their parents can have peace of mind. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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