A homicide charge is one of the most serious allegations a person can face. Even in the most grim circumstances, everyone deserves the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their rights and aggressively represent their interests. Over the past few years, Ohio has seen its rate of homicide increase over the national average, meaning that judges and prosecutors are busier than ever handling these cases. This is all the more reason to ensure you have a skilled attorney on your side.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area or surrounding counties, reach out to Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC to set up an appointment to start working through your defense options.



What Is Homicide Under Ohio Law?

Homicide is a general term that simply means causing the death of another person. Under this umbrella, there are several different categories, ranging from murder to manslaughter, that are further broken down by degree. Your actual charges will depend on a number of factors such as evidence of intent, premeditation, other crimes committed at the same time, the victim or victims, the role of alcohol or drugs, or indications of negligence. Because the scope of these laws is so vast, you need a competent attorney to parse your particular case and develop a defense unique to your circumstances.

Types of Homicide

Though there are gradations within homicide charges, the three most common will be murder, manslaughter, and vehicular. It’s important to understand the differences between these.

  • Murder: A murder charge means you deliberatley caused the death of another person and could also inlcude an aggravated charge, meaning the murder was planned and done on purpose.

  • Manslaughter: Manslaughter can be divided into voluntary and involuntary charges. Voluntary manslaughter usually arises from the “heat of passion” or a fit of rage. Involuntary manslaughter, sometimes called criminally negligent homicide, is done unintentionally while committing a felony.

  • Vehicular: This charge applies when the death is caused by a motor vehicle and can result in a homicide, manslaughter, or aggravated homicide charge.

Possible Penalties

Having a homicide on your record can affect you negatively for the rest of your life. Felony convictions can also bring with them penalties including heavy fines, prison time, and beyond. Because there’s such a range of penalties, it’s imperative your attorney understands the complete story and is able to work with the prosecution and courts to reduce charges and minimize sentencing as much as possible.

Possible Defenses

Before your case even makes it to the courtroom, your lawyer will begin negotiating with the prosecution. They may be able to strike a plea agreement, or they may be able to reduce the charges to a lesser offense to minimize penalties. It’s also possible that your charges be changed to a wrongful death claim if it can be proven that the homicide was unintentional and the result of negligence.

If your case does go to court, it will be up to the prosecution to prove intent. This can be tricky to do. Your defense team will conduct a thorough investigation and uncover any supporting evidence that could prove you were acting in self-defense or defending someone else, protecting your property, or that the homicide was justified.


No matter what level of homicide charge you’re facing, there’s almost always a way to reduce the impact of the charges, but only if you reach out now to retain a criminal defense attorney. Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC has helped clients just like you navigate the complex elements of homicide charges and they’ll always make sure your voice is heard. From their offices in Columbus, they proudly serve Ohioans throughout the region in Fairfield County, Licking County, Delaware county, and the rest of the state.

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