Post-Conviction Remedies Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Clearing Your Record After A Conviction*

If you have a conviction on your record in Ohio, turn to an attorney at Wolfe Law Group, LLC, in Columbus for help. We will review the circumstances of your conviction and provide an honest evaluation of what options may be available for firearm rights restoration, expungement of your record or appealing your conviction.

If you accepted a plea agreement or were found guilty in court, there may be consequences that you did not consider previously, sex offender registration requirements, a suspended jail or prison sentence, or simply the effect of having a conviction on your record.

There are different types of post-conviction remedies. Most commonly, people think of appealing a conviction to a higher court. However, seeking a post-conviction remedy doesn't always mean appealing a decision through the courts.

Post-Conviction Remedies Require Experienced Legal Representation

Every case requires thorough investigation and insight into specific criminal law cases related to the circumstances of your conviction. Our team of criminal justice lawyers combines years of experience in complex cases involving appellate work. You can also use our convenient email contact form to request an initial consultation.