Assault Attorney Columbus, Ohio

A Strong Defense Against Assault Charges

An allegation of assault can have lasting consequences, including prison time and a criminal record that follows you for years. At Wolfe Law Group, LLC, we help those facing charges of:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Felonious assault
  • Vehicular assault
  • Aggravated vehicular assault

We understand that facing criminal charges is frightening and you may not know what to expect. This may be your first time in the criminal justice system, but we represent people like you every day. We have been helping people protect their rights in Ohio courts for years.

One of our attorney partners, Stephen T. Wolfe, is Rule 20 Certified to represent indigent defendants in death penalty cases and appeals. This means he has undergone extensive training and been approved by the state to handle the most serious criminal cases. He brings this training and dedication to every case we handle, including assault charges.

Don't Let The Prosecution Control Your Case

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When you are facing criminal accusations, the prosecution, police and certain witnesses are working to secure a guilty verdict. Do not make it easier for them by taking an early plea deal or waiting to speak with a lawyer until it is too late. Put an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side and level the playing field.

We offer a free initial consultation, either at our Columbus, Ohio, office or at any jail in central Ohio, so you can learn more about your options and take the first step toward a strong defense.