Columbus OVI Checkpoints - July 1, 2016

With Red, White, and Boom and a heavy travel weekend for the 4th of July, you would expect there to be quite a few Columbus OVI Checkpoints, but that is not the case. There are currently no checkpoints announced for this weekend.

However, the Franklin County DUI Task Force will be operating saturation patrols throughout the county beginning today and lasting through the weekend. This is pretty common for holiday weekends, particularly holidays where drinking is common.

As always, the only way to avoid an OVI altogether is not to drink. Still, if you are stopped this weekend, you have a right to refuse any and all testing. This is not just limited to the breathalyzer - you can refuse field sobriety tests, as well. If you have been drinking, you are going to be charged regardless, taking the tests is just giving the prosecutor a stronger case.

Don't drink and drive this (or any) weekend, but if you get pulled over, get caught with an open container at Red, White, and Boom, or just celebrate America a little, too hard, call one of the attorneys at Wolfe Van Wey & Associates, LLC.

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