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Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC Feb. 3, 2023

In Ohio, a person may be arrested and charged with domestic violence for inflicting physical harm or injury on a family or household member. A domestic violence allegation or conviction can result in severe penalties and long-term consequences for the defendant. If you believe that you've been falsely accused of domestic violence, you need to retain a highly-skilled Ohio criminal defense attorney for detailed guidance and help protecting your legal rights. 

The trial attorneys at Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, are committed to your justice. They’re here to illuminate your truth and shield you from the worst possible penalties. As your legal counsel, they will investigate all of the facts of your case, dispute the allegations against you with factual evidence, and improve your chances of a brighter tomorrow. The firm proudly serves clients across Columbus, Dublin, Newark, Gahanna, and Licking County, Ohio. 

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge 

Under Ohio law, a person commits the offense of domestic violence if he or she knowingly or recklessly causes/attempts to cause physical harm to a family or household member. Here are some potential penalties and consequences of a domestic violence charge

  • Massive fines and court fees 

  • Prison sentences ranging from months, to years or decades 

  • Mandatory anger management classes or drug abuse treatment. 

  • Probation 

  • Community service 

  • Loss of gun ownership or firearm rights 

  • Loss of child custody, visitation, or other parental privileges. 

  • A protective or restraining order against you 

  • Possible deportation or inadmissibility to the United States 

  • Loss of your job and difficulty in securing future employment opportunities 

  • A criminal record 

It’s also important to note that while not all domestic violence accusations are true, even false charges brought against you can jeopardize your quality of life, personal reputation, liberty, future, and career opportunities. That’s why, no matter what, it’s important to consult a skilled defense attorney if you’ve been accused of domestic violence/battery.  

Reasons for False Accusations 

But why would someone falsely accuse another of domestic violence? Here are some possible reasons: 

  • You were involved in a fierce argument, altercation, or disagreement with your partner or family members. 

  • A spouse or estranged partner used the accusation as a tactic during in a child custody battle. 

  • The accusation was an attempt to force you to vacate the marital home. 

  • A cop showed up during an argument, misjudged the situation, and charged you and your partner. 

  • It was an act of revenge for having an extramarital affair or requesting for a divorce. 

  • Your accuser could be suffering from mental instability.  

If you or someone you know has been falsely accused of domestic violence, you need to reach out to a dependable criminal defense lawyer right away. Your legal counsel can help craft your defense strategy and enlighten you about what to do next.  

Steps to Take  

Statistics from the Ohio Domestic Violence Report indicate that there were 51,399 total reported domestic violence offenders statewide in 2021. If you believe that you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, you should take the following steps, where possible: 

  • Remain silent. Other than your attorney, never speak about your case with anyone, not even the police. 

  • Hire a seasoned lawyer to help investigate your case and enlighten you about your rights and legal options. 

  • Gather and document required evidence, witness statements, and testimonies to build a solid case. 

  • Document the events preceding your arrest and what happened to you while in custody. 

  • Once again, don't talk to the police or sign any document without your attorney's consent. 

  • Avoid any form of contact with the accuser. 

  • Keep a low profile and avoid posting on social media. 

Possible Defenses 

When facing domestic violence allegations, a skilled attorney can investigate all of the facts of your case thoroughly and identify the possible legal defenses, including: 

  • Incapable of performing the alleged act 

  • You acted in self-defense 

  • Stand your ground (You didn't do it) 

  • Mistaken identity 

  • Misrecollection 

  • You acted in defense of another person 

  • Defense of property 

  • Mutual confrontation 

  • Misleading forensic evidence 

  • Malicious false accusations 

  • Inconsistencies in the evidence 

  • Lack of corroboration by others 

  • Error during the investigation 

  • The violence occurred as a result of your spouse's behavior or actions. 

Don't Risk Your Future. Get Trusted Legal Representation. 

False accusations of domestic violence are very serious, and you should never take them lightly. If convicted, you may be subject to hefty fines, incarceration, loss of parental rights, a restraining order, criminal record, and other social consequences. Therefore, when charged with domestic violence, hiring a reliable criminal defense attorney is crucial to protect your rights and help strategize your defense. 

The attorneys at Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, are dedicated to offering skilled representation and detailed legal guidance to clients facing domestic violence charges. With their extensive knowledge, they can help you navigate the Ohio criminal justice system and represent you intelligently at every phase of the legal process. Attorney Stephen Wolfe and his trusted legal team will vigorously fight for your rights and future.  

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence? Contact Wolfe & Mote Law Group, LLC, today to schedule a simple consultation with trusted criminal defense lawyers. The firm proudly serves clients across Columbus, Dublin, Newark, Gahanna, and Licking County, Ohio.