Criminal Defense Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Committed To Fighting Criminal Charges

Our Columbus, Ohio, law firm defends people against all criminal charges, including:

  • Drug charges — Drug charges can take a serious toll on your future. We can help you build the defense you need.
  • Campus crimes — College students can find themselves facing criminal charges all too easily. Do not let your child's future be impacted by a single mistake.
  • Sex crimes — The stigma of a sex crime conviction and the difficulty of living as a registered sex offender are so severe that people need to put forward the strongest defense now.
  • Domestic violence — Domestic violence charges often can have a major and lasting impact on many aspects of your personal life like where you live and how and when you can see your children among many other potential restrictions. We can help you fight domestic violence charges.
  • Homicide — Law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts take few other crimes as seriously as homicide. You need the best defense if you are facing homicide charges.
  • Assault — Assault charges can stem from simple confrontations that no one was able to back down from. We can help make sure that your side of the story is heard.
  • Theft — Theft charges like robbery, burglary and shoplifting are all crimes of moral turpitude that can follow a person and create difficulty securing employment among other issues for years to come.
  • Traffic violations — People almost never accurately estimate the real costs of paying a traffic fine rather than fighting it. The real cost including increased insurance and other possible consequences is often much more costly than defending yourself.
  • We also assist people with the sealing of their criminal records.

The Dedicated Criminal Defense You Need

At Wolfe Law Group, LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to helping people fight the criminal charges they are facing. With extensive trial experience, we are able to find the weakness in the prosecution's case against our clients. We examine the strength of every potential strategy to help our clients secure outcomes that work for them and let them move on with their lives.

Effective Drug Charges Defense In Columbus, Ohio

When you are facing criminal charges you need skilled defense representation that is committed to helping you. Let the lawyers of Wolfe Law Group, LLC, help.