Gavel and Scales of Justice


Stephen Wolfe Nov. 19, 2019

Whether you have been accused of a sex crime, arrested for possession, have to go to drug court, or are facing some other charges, your first order of business is to find an attorney. Of course, you do not want to hire just any criminal defense attorney, you want one with experience in your matter.

No attorney can promise the outcome of your case, but you are certainly improving the odds of the best outcome when you find an attorney that is experienced in your particular matter. The first rule of thumb is to find an attorney that is experienced.

Why Experience Matters

Jumping online and choosing the first attorney that pops up can be a critical mistake in preparing your defense. Experience is one of the most important qualities that an attorney has in their defense arsenal.

No one can predict the outcome of your case, but an attorney that has been around the block a few times can tap into their experience, and provide a well-planned defense based on similar cases, and outcomes.

The more well-heeled your attorney is in your particular matter, the better chances you have of getting the hoped-for outcome. They have the skillset and the knowledge to provide you with the focused representation that your matter deserves.

Why It is So Important To Find the Right Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offender Charges

It is always important in every case to find an attorney that you are comfortable with, and that makes protecting your rights a priority. It is even more important that you choose a criminal defense attorney that you can count on in a sex offender case or with drug charges.

There are over nine hundred collateral sanction laws in Ohio that can affect your ability to work, where you can live, and more if you are convicted of a sex crime or drug charges. This is the type of conviction that will follow you for the rest of your life, and impact every area of your life.

What Can A Conviction Mean?

Many people that are facing charges are focused on one thing, getting through the court case as quickly as possible. They are willing to quickly plea out to a case (oftentimes at the suggestion of a public defender) just to get rid of the case. Unfortunately, they do not think about the long-term impact of a conviction.

Some of the potential fallout or after-effects of a conviction can include:

  • Employment barriers

  • Inability to legally own a gun

  • Losing voting rights

  • The ability to secure financial aid for school

  • Housing barriers

There is a wide range of repercussions that can affect every area of your life. You need to find an attorney with experience that may be able to minimize the repercussions. Give yourself a fighting chance, contact our office today.