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Stephen Wolfe Sept. 22, 2020

No one ever sets out to make bad choices, but for a variety of reasons, good people can find themselves in a bad situation because of wrong choices because of drugs. According to reports from July of 2015, of the over one million arrests that occurred for violations of the law with drugs, almost 85% of them were for the possession of a controlled substance. Whether you yourself are facing drug charges or you know someone who is, there are a few helpful tips you should know.

Drug Possession Charges

There are a variety of charges that one could find themselves battling when being caught with drugs. Possessing illegal substances, selling them, intending to distribute them, transporting them and growing drugs. When caught with drugs, there is a possibility you or a loved one could be facing any of these charges.


There are a number of penalties or drug charges that you or a loved one could be looking at facing as well. These can include a misdemeanor with jail time, steep fine, and possible community service. A felony can include a prison sentence and possession of certain drugs, even if it is a first offense can still carry immediate jail or prison time. Some things can change these penalties including but not limited to the intent to distribute and sell any drugs as well as possessing them within a certain distance to a school or a playground.

Personal Penalties

Some other penalties one could face for possession of drugs include suspension from school. Suspension from sports teams can also be a possible punishment. Some individuals could face losing their license, and minors could be banned from getting a license until a certain age. Some colleges will not accept students who have criminal backgrounds. Many times the charge that you are charged with will determine any personal punishments you have to deal with. Working with an attorney could increase your chances of being charged with lesser crimes.


There are a few things that could make a difference when going to court over drugs. These things could include the class of the drug that you had on your person. Where you were and what your intent was to do with the drugs. How many times have you previously been in trouble with similar charges? These things could affect what type of charge you could be convicted with and what possible penalties you could get.

Possible Outcomes

Although there are set penalties for drug possession this doesn't mean that anyone caught with drugs will face all theses. An experienced attorney can help you decide what your best course of action is. They can help you determine whether rehabilitation or even supervised probation could be a possibility. When facing any type of drug charges the best thing to do is contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Defense Attorneys

There are defense attorneys that specialize in specific cases, and when you are looking at a drug charge, the best course of action is to immediately seek the help of an attorney experienced in drug charges. They can help you determine your options and can help you decide what your next steps should be. They may be able to help get any possible penalties reduced and help get alternate forms of punishment that can encourage rehabilitation.

It's important for those charged with drug offenses to know their options when facing drug charges, because it can make all the difference in the world. When researching attorneys make sure to call and talk to make sure that have handled your specific case before and are experienced. Ensure that they are comfortable taking your case, many times this can be done by a phone conversation rather than emails. Once you choose your representation work closely with them and provide all information they ask for in a timely manner. Remember they can truly help make a difference so let them help you.