Criminal Appeals Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Appealing a Conviction

Every case in the Ohio criminal justice system hinges on legal decisions throughout the process. At any point from the initial investigation through sentencing, an improper decision may be made regarding evidence allowed into court, the charges filed, instructions to the jury or sentencing guidelines. If a process or decision violated your rights as a defendant, you may have a legitimate case to appeal to a higher court for relief.

Successful appeals require an in-depth understanding of case law, investigating procedures and legal writing skills. The conviction appeals lawyers at Wolfe Law Group, LLC, regularly represent clients in post-conviction relief and appellate courts throughout Ohio. With years of trial experience in the criminal justice system, we are familiar with the appeals process and how to meet the written specifications required to move your case through the system.

Every appellate case is different and no attorney should promise an outcome. We will carefully review the circumstances of your plea agreement or trial and explain your options for moving forward if we feel you have a legitimate chance of success at the next level in the appellate process.

In addition to appeals, we also represent clients in cases involving post-conviction actions such as expungements and sealing of records.

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